Who are we?

New life

Following a long period of reflection, the two owners decided in 2012 to leave everything behind; house in the suburbs, jobs etc., to embark on a crazy adventure that leads them to fruit production. They are happy to welcome you on the farm to enjoy the surroundings and certainly the cultures they offer.


Today they have no regrets and hope to share their passion for small scale family farming.


Our familly: Bok choy, Audrey, Mireille, Émile and Miko

Audrey Lizotte
Audrey Lizotte


Originally from Gaspésie and bohemian at heart, Audrey holds a multidisciplinary BA (photography, leasure and communications) from Université de Moncton, a project management certificate from La Cité and a Diploma in Agriculture from Alfred Campus of the University of Guelph. Audrey is a creative and a dreamer. She is in change of the regular operations at the farm.


The dream of owning an agri-tourism business takes shape - happiness!

Mireille Leroux


Being native of the region and growing up in a agricultural family, it is a homecoming. With a BA in leisure and tourism from the Université de Moncton and an Diploma in Agriculture from  Alfred Campus of the University of Guelph, Mireille is primarily responsible for managing the crops.


Happy to share the full potential of the Prescott-Russell area, she is looking forward to meet you!

MIreille Leroux